Stop Violence Against Women

In 1996 the District Attorney’s STOP Program was Enacted. This is a grant program funded through Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency (PCCD). It is made up of individuals from law enforcement agencies, medical personnel, victim service providers, and members of the Erie County court system.

The objective is to lessen violent crimes against women in Erie County. If you should need immediate assistance please contact SafeNet Hotline at (814) 454-8161. For additional information on this grant funded program go and click on the Victim Assistance tab.

The following are links to additional web sites for more information about the Prevention of Domestic Violence:


  • Erie County STOP Program brought in over $800,000 in Grant Monies
  • Development of a county-wide DV/SA policy
  • Implemented the Polaroid DV-100 Program
  • Developed the mandatory yearly training for all Erie County Law Enforcement Agencies
  • Creation of the STOP Committee
  • Attendance at the National Conferences and Symposiums to insure Erie County remains current and on the cutting edge
  • Creation of the Star Centers