Child Abuse Investigation

The Child Abuse Unit is responsible for tracking all of the abuse cases reported in Erie County.  Information on child abuse cases is gathered through:  Interviews/Interrogations, Search Warrants, Evidence Collections, Total Case Management.

Child Abuse Unit Detectives are Active Members in 11 Associations

  • Erie County Abuse Advisory Board
  • Erie County Child Abuse Multi-Disciplinary Team
  • Erie County Children’s Advocacy Center
  • Erie County Death Review Team
  • Fraternal Order of Police
  • National Child Advocacy Center
  • National Children’s Alliance
  • Pennsylvania District Attorney’s Institute
  • Prevention of Teenage Pregnancy
  • Protection from Abuse Task Force
  • Violence Against Women Task Force


Children’s Advocacy Center of Erie County

This program is funded through a grant provided by the National Children’s Alliance, Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency, Erie Community Foundation and community donations. Created through the collaboration of several community organizations in 2001, the Center is integrally linked with all those in the community working to address child abuse. First Assistant District Attorney Elizabeth Hirz is the District Attorney’s Office prosecution liaison to the Center, and Sergeant Joseph Spusta is the law enforcement liaison. The Children’s Advocacy Center of Erie County is a child-focused, child-friendly program that coordinates several core disciplines in the investigation of sexual and physical abuse against children. These core disciplines are:

  • Child protective services
  • Law enforcement
  • Medical treatment
  • Mental health
  • Prosecution
  • Victim Advocacy

Statistics prove that prosecution rates for child abuse can be improved when an abuse investigation begins within the first 24 hours from the time the abuse is disclosed. The outcome is a 93% confession rate with immediate investigation versus a 17% rate if the investigation starts after 24 hours.

Since the inception of the Children’s Advocacy Center in Erie County the conviction rate of child abuse offenders is currently 97%.

If you have information or would like to report suspected child abuse, please call:
ChildLine: 1-800-932-0313

If you have information or want to report suspected child neglect, please contact:
Office of Children & Youth: (814) 451-6600
After hours hotline: (814) 451-1503

For more information on the Children’s Advocacy Center of Erie County click here.