DUI Task Force

dui-27In 1989 the District Attorney’s DUI Task Force began Organized Sobriety Checkpoints.

This program is funded through a grant from the PA State Department of Transportation. The Erie County DUI Program began in 1988 under District Attorney William R. Cunningham. In 1989 the Erie County District Attorney had taken the lead in countywide enforcement efforts and placed a DUI coordinator within the office. As of today the Erie County District Attorney’s DUI Task Force is the oldest operating task force in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. The late District Attorney Brad Foulk further increased the presence of the DUI Task Force by providing assistance to the Pennsylvania State Police (PSP) patrols during the holiday periods and the program is being continued by District Attorney Jack Daneri. The Task Force not only makes arrests for DUI, but also underage drinking, drugs and other violations of law. Currently, County Detective Jon Reddinger oversees the task force for the District Attorney’s Office. For additional information on the DUI Program you can visit www.dot.state.pa.us.

Underage Drinking Program

This program is funded through a grant provided by Pennsylvanians Against Underage Drinking (PAUD) and is overseen in the District Attorney’s Office by y Chief County Detective Larry Dombrowski. The objective of this program is to reduce underage drinking and related youth problems in Erie County through regional coalitions, youth leadership, public education and media, and public policy and social norm initiatives.

You can call this toll-free number 1-888-UNDER-21 to report underage drinking parties that are planned or in progress. You can also report establishments that are selling or serving alcohol to those under 21 and people who are manufacturing and selling false identification. All hotline calls can remain anonymous. Information given to the operator is forwarded to the appropriate law enforcement agency.

Safe Boating Enforcement Program (BUI)

District Attorney Brad Foulk initiated the creation of this task force. He saw the need for boating enforcement on Presque Isle Bay and Lake Erie and ordered the DUI Task Force to work with the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission to provide effective boating under the influence (BUI) enforcement on Erie County waterways.

Click here to visit the PA Fish and Boat Commission. For further information on safe boating practices you can also visitwww.boatsafe.com or www.safeboatingcouncil.org

Awards Recieved

  • Erie County DUI Advisory Counsel Award for Excellence
  • Governor’s Highway Safety Award
  • Pennsylvania DUI Association Sobriety Checkpoint Award
  • Pennsylvania Insurance Partnership God Medal Award