Drug Task Force

The Erie County District Attorney’s Drug Task Force, in an effort to combat illicit drug activity (including cocaine, marijuana, LSD, amphetamine, & prescription drugs) works directly with the Police, Sheriff’s, Building Inspectors, EPA, Health Department, Social Services, Legislature, Media, Health Providers, Parole Officers, and the Community.

All illicit drugs including narcotics, marijuana, stimulants, depressants and abused prescription drugs create an extreme danger to the Erie County community. Methamphetamine (Meth) Labs are a particular concern due to the dangerous chemicals used to manufacture the drug. Northwest Pennsylvania has become the Meth capital of Pennsylvania and intense efforts are underway to remove this dangerous drug from Erie County. The personal, economic, and environmental impacts are devastating. Methamphetamine production is not a victimless crime. Unsuspecting Citizens are exposed to the dangers of Meth Labs everyday.

Do you know what some of the dangers are?

  • Children of Methamphetamine manufacturers suffer burns, respiratory problems, toxic blood levels, neglect and abuse.
  • These labs are highly explosive and flammable threatening nearby properties.
  • The manufacturing process contaminates carpet, appliances, furniture, clothing, drywall, insulation, and the building itself.
  • The byproducts are extremely toxic.
  • These labs are polluting our air, water and land.
  • A Meth lab can be located anywhere; the house next door, hotels, motels, RV’s, campers, trailers, public storage facilities, the highway, forests, and etc.
  • Many labs are portable which can make them difficult to find.