Cyber Terrorism Task Force

cyber-terrorism-37The Erie County District Attorney’s High Tech Crime Unit working together with the Emergency Response Group (ERG).  ERG encompasses five counties (Erie, Crawford, Warren, Venango, and Forest) in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

The mission of the Cyberterrorism Committee is to assist the overall ERG Counter-Terrorism Task Force by developing a cadre of trained computer forensic examiners and information technology (IT) personnel to effectively and efficiently analyze computers and digital media that may be seized by law enforcement or otherwise discovered in any manner related to terrorist activities or collect evidence and/or restore government and private computer networks that have been the subject of attack.

Additionally, the Cyberterrorism Committee is committed to assisting the ERG Counter-Terrorism Task Force in assessing and developing new technology that can be employed to enhance all task force operations in a more efficient and safe manner and improve secure communications across jurisdiction boundaries.

The Cyber-Terrorism Task Force is open to all people with an interest in discovering how potential terrorists are using the Internet to communicate, plan and carry out terrorist activities and to attack key computer networks so vital to our way of life.